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It is the final day of the church group in this puny town. Belle is late, but still wants to make sure that she witnesses Pastor John before he has to leave town. Pastor John explains how group let out 15 minutes early so he could take hold of his stuff before he leaves early in the morning. Belle is so nervous and sexually aroused. She tells the preacher guy that she doesn't know who she is going to converse to anymore after he leaves, and wonders if he can listen to her one more time, and plead with him. He is very receptive and takes time out to comfort her before he must go. He asks her to flash him the bad thoughts she is having and so she starts on her knees, telling him step by step her impure thoughts. He tells her she must let the thoughts out to be forgiven. She unzips his pants and pulls out his pipe. She deep-throats and blows, eating the hard-on and deep sucking his thick member. She inhales him so supreme he just keeps letting her know that she will be forgiven if she keeps letting go. She tells him she wants him inside her, and he lets her know that he has been thinking and pleading for her a lot.

They commence to have hump. She keeps telling him to go harder, and Oh My God! He gives it to her good, and as she jizzes he turns her around for her Baptism. He jets his super-hot blast of cum all over her face as she munches it up and cleans him off with her tongue. He tells the young female that he has something he wants to give her. He tells her to get dressed and he will come back. When he comes back in she is glowing and flippant that she finally penniless through to the pastor, and has him to love and display her the light.

Unfortunately for her he is just filling a gun in his midbody to get rid of her and wash away all of her sins. She stands to hug him and doesn't watch the gun. POW! She looks at him, then looks down as she clutches her belly in pain. He thrusts her back onto the table so he doesn't have to clean the blood off the carpet. She asks him why, then asks if she will be forgiven. He tells her she is going to a nicer place and that she is forgiven. He lingers with her till she passes, and witnesses her buck, heave, and clutch the wound that is leaking blood. After she is dead, he leaves to witness body views. When he returns he closes her eyes, and gives her last rights, crossing her forearms, and pennies in the eyes. She is forgiven..
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