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A Indeed Powerful Performance BY KAT--FEEL SORRY FOR HER---OR NOT!!!

Kat gets well-prepped, aroused about her blind rendezvous. She lets him in. He has some wine and encouraged her to guzzle. She does, a bit reluctantly--warnings from the past, hazy in her mind. But he seemed nice.

But it was too late for her. He was not lovely, and the drugged wine proved that as she was lowered to the floor unconscious.

Now he had her. A pretty youthful thing all dressed up. He called his pal and explored her a bit. When he arrived, the took her to the bedroom.

With her eyes frosted, corded, and gagged, her clothed was eliminated and she was assaulted--waking her up in the process.

Cloudy head, frightening, and in terror, she had no choice but to allow the bad fellows to do whatever they dreamed to her. Fingering, slit slurping, pinning, hair pulling, coerced orgasm--she was put through it all.

Then, with the gag and blinder off, the compelled their peckers into her face, making her such them---and she did, face utter of tears and all.

Then it was time to cram her tight holes with their schlongs. On the couch in many positions, the boinked the young lady, making her cry and plea even more. But even after all that, they still were not done.

Again, the forced her to fellate them, and she did her greatest, because she wished them to go. She hoped, they would just go when they were done. A couple positions and finally, her face was strewn with seman---sticky and mixing with her tears and eyeliner.

She was mistaken. They did not plan to let her go. Ever. The garrote wrapped tight around her mild neck and she was arched back on the bed as one dude pulled and the other wedged his digits up her cunny.

There would be no rescue, but she fought as if there would be. Pushing, arching, contorting, doing everything to break free. The man pulled his thumbs out and now it was just the garrote, digging stiffly in her neck. No air. Her body shove and pulled, responding on it's own to the threat, but to no avail. After a while, after the painful burning in her torso left and the fuzz appeared over her eyes and she drifted far away with no thoughts but falling......she was gone. A lifeless body of no matter.

They left her opened up on the sofa and looked forward to the next blind date.
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