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She's young, she's super-fucking-hot and she's got her whole life ahead of her, so she gabs with her pals on the phone, blissfully unaware that her world is about to become a nightmare. A gun shove into her face gets her attention, eyes wide, body frozen in fear. She doesn't know the fellow, but looking down the dark barrel, she'll do anything he tells her to. First, he makes her strip. Frightened, she reluctantly peels off her clothes, unveiling her massive, lush boobies, bald labia and utter donk. Embarrassed by her nudity, in front of this strange stud, she tries to cover herself, but he orders her not to, forcing her to show her most individual areas.

Next he instructs her to dress in a set of magnificent lingerie that he brought with him. Slowly, she pulls the fishnet pantyhose up her shapely legs, puts on the corset and garter belt, slides on the steaming pinkish panties so cock-squeezing that they grind obscenely against her tingling pleasure button. Threatening her with his weapon, he demands that she wank for him, making her muff raw against her will. His immense fuckpole already out, already hard, he points it at her face. She gets the hint and opens her mouth, taking the length of it inside. Fearing for her life, she deep gullets the stud as best she can. Maybe if she can get him off, this ordeal will all be over, but he has many plans for the young female. Ordering her to turn around, he puts her in a choke hold, his forearm constricting around her neck until she passes out.

She awakens to find herself in a dark dungeon space space, gag in her facehole, standing on a tabouret and a noose around her neck. The boy coerces her to have joy with herself more, before thrusting his own frigs into her tight, young gash. She winces at his tough handling, but then, all of a unexpected, the chair is kneed away, leaving writhing and punching at the end of a string. Her eyes bug out, tongue drapes from her gagged gullet, drool running down her lips. Briefly, her thrashing become twitching, and then even that stops, leaving her to swing lifelessly. Bringing her back to her own bedroom, he opens up her limp legs, cramming his thick bone into her helpless snatch. He romps her on her own couch, ultimately shooting his jizm onto her still corpse. Her parents will come home shortly, to find their little female stiff, cold and frosted in sperm.
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