PKF Studios-Dating Game part 2

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forced sex PKF Studios-Dating Game part 2
porn necro PKF Studios-Dating Game part 2

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There are 12 rules to the game. All participants were accustomed. Messing up, could mean their own death. Mr. Pinkish desired to try something different. Something outside the cage. He had his mark. Now it was time to put the plan in movability. She had been dating dudes online for a few months now. She figured it was the new way to meet someone. After all, she was 28 and not getting any younger. Her parents were truly pressuring her to settle down.
So, she would come home from one meeting, and then, go on another. Dude roulette. When she left the palace this time, someone was there. Mr. Rosy. He did not stay long....just installing a hidden camera so he could see her for a while. Another day and she was out of the shower and sitting on her bed scrolling through the prospects on the dating site. Not much to pick from today. Then all of a sudden, a dude was in her room.

She funked, told him to leave, but he was not planning to. She got up, throwing things at him, then insanely charged him---hoping to scare him off. But, he beat her and finally got her back on the bed.
The rape commenced.

To her it lasted forever. The stud was inside her, in every position---sweating on her, his manmeat in her pussy--violating her. She was sick. She was crying. She did not understand--it was almost unreal.

Then, it was over. The fellow said some stuff she was not listing too---only that, it sounded like he was videoing her for some reason. Something about a camera. WTF. But, he would let her go. She felt loosened until it was around her neck. Something, cutting off her air. A cord. Tight--so tight.

She was pulled back back Mr. Pinkish, savouring the views he know his camera was getting. He was charged up, aroused, and let it display in his face and the strength with which he dug that cord into her neck.

She opened up every muscle and tendon, trying to bust that rope off of her. Her assets contracted, then opened up more, her legs shaking with effort, her hips writhing and rising in momentous spasms to break free.

But nothing would stop this. She would weaken. She would die. And, she did.

Her dead husk sprawled on her bed, he left her to go review the footage and prep it for subjugation. He felt she had a great death and
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