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Kiki Mouth-watering and Karma Leone, Two college girls, arrive home after a long day and get right down to homework. They decide to get comfortable and lay on the floor together and get some work done.

But in the shadows outside, a weirdo is watching them. Bursting into the room he brandishes a pistol and forces them up on the couch. He tries to silent them down, but the girls are appalled. He shoves them apart and begins rubbin' their stocking and feet. He promises to teach them things that they’ll really need.

He gropes their feet together while stroking them with his pistol. He compels Kiki and Karma to take their tops off. They begin to use their feet on each others’ mammories, rubbin' them up and down. He commands Karma to gargle his man meat, but when she turns down he shoots her in the chest.

Kiki tries to run away but is stopped by his threats. She gives in and begins blowing his enormous, rock hard pinkish cigar while blubbering. She uses Karma’s foot to stroke him while she deep faceholes him. She drools on his bone and on Karma's foot, fondling it all together.

He shoots Kiki in the head and uses their dead bodies as shag fucktoys, forcing them to give him palm and foot jobs, face fuckin' them, kissing and tonguing their feet, and humping both of their cootchies while he poses them. He uses their feet to increase his gusto as he finally completes off rock firm in Kiki’s beaver. He leaves them there, dead, as he rushes out of their home.
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