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She was once a high profile lawyer. But---that was another life.

The boy pushed her into the cage, closing the door. He did not say much. One word commands. She was incensed How could he treat someone of her stature like that. To think, she was walking outside of her shops--when the van pulled up and snatched her. WHO DID THEY THINK THEY WERE. She laid into him, assaulting him with her status.

He walked away--great---it submerged in--he was going to go her his superiors and sort this mud out.

But when he returned he had no one....just a led man meat. He beaten her in the head. She could not believe what just happened. She was stunned, well-prepped to fight through the pain and--maybe it was a misunderstanding. But he strike her again. And again. And again.

Perplexed and confused, she knew this was something she could not fix with her words, her looks and maybe, not even asking.

After he hit her, blood running down from her scalp--she told her to undress. And, she did not want to be hit again. So, she did.

Afterward, he had her up on the X. He hammer her there too.

And that was to be her life as she was instructed.

Weeks, maybe months transferred. She was not the stuffy lawyer anymore. She was the pet. A tiny dog perhaps. He came in--like he did every day--she was laying in her cell, chained. She obediently got up on all fours---that was how he dreamed it--aways. He humped her......his lil' pet. He nailed her excellent and long and then, one guideline, she was on her knees, sucking his rosy cigar until she knew he was well-prepped and like a superb girl--a trained gal, she pleaded for it--opened her throat as he filled it up with jizm. She spit it into her forearm, then he told her to lick it. And, like many times before, she did, slurping it all gone.

And she was rewarded. He had her crackers she so looked forward too. A treat for his trained pet.

But today was different. He gave her a note. She read it.

Her heart sank. She has been rejected. No one wants her. No one wants to buy this instructed lil' hump sub. No one in the whole world. And, the man will not give her away.

The knife was at her throat as she was howling. He told her about this, long, long ago. She never expected no one to want her. Never expected to be rejected. Tears ran down.

The knife swept via her through. She was bad merchandise and she was being demolished. The red-hot blood pour out of the slice to her neck, running down her front. The world commenced washing away. She felt blood welling up in her mouth and let it pour out her hatch.

She fell to the hard concrete that was the floor of her cell--her home for so long. She missed her penthouse in the city, her lunch trysts, her parents, her...her... The memories denigrated as her heart pumped her blood and it escaped out of her, spreading across the floor. Then, she was no more.

He picked up the blood sopping letter. He had typed it up earlier, wanting to cause her as much pain and sorrow before he murdered her. The dirt was ginormous, but he would hosepipe bone it all down the drain later. He left the room to let her continue to bleed out. Tomorrow, there would be a new damsel in the cell.

NOTE: Fun bathroom footage at the end.
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