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It was her special night. A night she had been waiting for since 5th grade when she highly first-ever heard about it. Prom Night. She was a aged now and this would be her first and last prom. She desired everything to be brilliant. She took a long time getting prepared, checking herself in the mirror, making sure everything fit just right. Her parents were away....on vacation in Europe. She had the whole mansion to herself and tonight, after prom, after she and her pals and their encounters would make the rounds as part of tradition, then she would bring her rendezvous home. He was her beau. And, there, on her couch, she would make love to him for the highly first-ever time. It would be ideal.
The phone rang. It was her bf. She suddenly panicked. She had forgotten something--a little thing, but that one thing she had to have. She told him she was just going to run to the store. It would not take long.

She grabbed her purse and left.

Jake and Betty sat in their van, scooping out a remote section of parking slew of in the back of a mall. They were looking for something to do--anything really. They hoped they could jerk a purse or fright some kid. It did not matter. They were scum, high on meth, looking for action. A car pulls up--they watch--they wait. The female steps out, in her fabulous dress and goes into the store. Perfect. They pull up next to her car. They wait.

When she comes back, they snag her, convulsing her into the van, door shutting--sealing off her muffled bellows. They tie her up and take off. On the way to their place, Betty begins molesting her and does not stop for most of the drive. The femmes squeals, whimpers and cries through her gag the whole way. The bring her into their place, sticking her down on the floor, Betty proceeds to torment the damsel.

The scanty girl is freaking out. After a while, Jake calms her down to a sobbing, quivering gal and liquidates her gag. When she starts up again, he rams her head into the firm wood floor. She soothes down to shuddery cries as Betty resumes to torment her, both with her hands and a bottle os whiskey. All the while Jake is pacing around in and out of the room. Finally, he comes back, pulls out his knife and slices her pretty dress, then tears it up the middle.

The grasp her, bending her over a table and Betty thrusts a yam-sized glass faux beef whistle in the scanty youthful nymphs backside. She starts stuffing it in and out as the chick squeals and sobs. Jake tries to silent her down by shoving his shaft into her gullet. He forces her down on it, gasping her, slobber oozing out everywhere. Betty keeps sticking her in the back end while Jake fills her throat up with his knob.

Afterward, Betty is looking through the damsels Passport. They decide she might have money and take her back to her palace. They toss her on the couch, but before they rob the place, they decide to have more fun. They tie her up spread eagle and gag her with her muddy panties. Betty molests her some more, but briefly Jake is screwing her, tearing up her lil' poon hard with his immense spear.

Then Betty decides she wants some too and mounts her with a cord on. She humps the doll now as Jake starts digging around for loot. When he tires of that, he shoves Betty off and rapes the nymph again with the glass faux rod, prepping her culo for what was to come next. He catapults the faux dick rock hard in her bum and she wails in anguish then cries.

When he thinks she has enough preparation, he pulls it out, then shoves his own weenie into her booty, ramming her stiff and deep. He rapes her for a while until he ultimately ends off deep in her donk.

She is exhausted, just sobbing, she can scarcely stir. All of a unexpected, Jake loops a cable around her neck and begins to her. She musters up as much intensity as she can and trues to fight. Her hands, cord still bound around her wrists, flop and sway, trying to hit something. Betty lays on her legs, holding them, while molesting her puss as she eyeing the doll be ********* by Jake.

She struggles for a great long time, eyes open, tongue out, figure jerking and heaving--tits flopping around as her chest heaves. Her muscles spasm, the veins in her neck pop out and the rope constricts air. Eventually, tho, she slows down and after a bit, she is still. Dead. They murdered a young, guiltless doll on the night of her senior prom. The shoved her off like rubbish. They untied the ropes and rapidly gathered all their stuff. Then, they went to search the rest of the palace for things to steal. They left her laying, dead, sprawled via the bed she grew up on and and now, was killed on.
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