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She tho' she was safe..all the way in LA. The older job she left after getting a man the past. The murder...nothing to do with her. Yet still. She was uneasy.

And now she gets a call. All she desired to do was relief off. It is stressfull job being an office chief. Stressful. Don't the understand.
More bad news. She listened as the damsel on the other end of the phone told her about the young woman..the intern, she swift track promoted before she ran..moved out to LA. She was now missing.

She abruptly left the call. Nothing was wrong. Nothing was wrong. But the knock at the door made her uneasy. It was a cop. Questions about the intern. Nothing she could not handle. And then, the world dropped away and she was stuffing.

The questions were targeted for a purpose and she realized this and tried to run. But he was on her, tazoring her, then on top of her-molesting her. She could do nothing. He fingered her, then shoved his beef whistle down her mouth. Then up on the bed, he frigged her more, gobble her honeypot and then he was inside her..romping her. She was being pulverized by energy and she could do nothing. She was spiraling. What was happening.

After, she hoped it was over. He would leave. But instead he forced her up, manacled her and took her away to a remote location.
There, she was tortured. He punched hand hammer her. He steamy her with a bat a few times. He tazered her and flagellated her. Then he used the cattle prod on her.

Once that was over, he was not done. He took her to the X-frame and locked her in. She could not movie while he fingered her then forced orgasms out of her. back down,he blown her some more, then made her lick and gargle his nads of babymakers and finally came un her gullet.
It was over. It had to be. This was punishment for getting the mans crelative fired...and arrested. This had to be enough. Had to be.

But it was not. She felt the something around her neck and fell back.pressure, her air gone and she, for a moment, knew these would be her last thoughts. She tried to thing of something good, but could only thing of her fleeting life.

The man pulled cock-squeezing, perceiving her assets thrash and gyrate against him..slower and slower until she was still. He shoved the worthless tramp off him and got up, made the call.
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