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Two men target a young housewife who is married to a wealthy elder dude. The lead mind-blowing, an electrician, targets his victims during his work as an electrician, secretly using his cell phone to record his marionettes as they go about their daily lives. He then showcases it to his long time buddy and they get prepped by waiting for their victim to leave their home so they could sneak inside and get prepared the bedrooms, put on their masks and wait for her to return. When she does she is surprised, overpowered and chloroformed into unconsciousness before being carried away to a distant living room where she is laid to rest and her body canvassed by exciting forearms that convince her victim consciousness that she is having a raw desire.

Moments later her twat, her caboose and her juicy puss is exposed to their view, their thumbs which pound her gentle, hot golden goods. Her assets responds to their knead until the chemical dissipates within her and she becomes aware of her neighborhood and what just occurred. She tries to run, tries to break free of their muscular mitts but she is not powerful enough and is confined to her knees. Jizz-shotguns are push harshly into her throat and rudely down her throat and every effort she makes to push their thighs away fail. Briefly her hatch and twat is crammed with rigid hard-ons thrusting rock rock hard and deep and continually through her. Whenever her protests threaten to soothe their cocks, they take hold of her jaws rock firm, gagging her, making her do things she never had to do with her spouse like munching their pouch of babymakers, the beef whistle of their stiff meatpipes before they are aggressively shoves back into her moist slots. It doesn't get any better when she is carried off into her bedroom and strapped to the bed, kneaded and abjected then forced to take a bottle up inside her cunny. She is being penetrated and bottle poked then endures 2 forearms fuckin' her little flower bed, gouging into her vag and finding something deep that starts to excite her.
Her husband was a lover, soft and sensitized and never pressed her, never forced her so the opposite was wildly titillating although she tried to deny it. Their persistence found something gentle deep inside her cooch and they were tickling it, making it roll into the forearm of their palms. Her figure twisted and writhed for their elation and everyone knew she was coming.

She felt embarrassed that her assets performed like a snake but she came and came rock rigid, a perceiving she never felt in her life. She hated them for doing it but was again subjected to more deep blowing beef whistle fellating and screwing before they came in her throat and all over her face. Now with nothing left to enjoy, she was useless to them and exposed.
The leader pounced on top of her after throwing her back onto the couch and strangled her as rock hard as he could, pinning her down by the neck as her heavy, rigid torn legs aggressively thrashed behind him. He buried her life before him, sensing her quiver in fear of facing death which floated closer. The intensity of his grip compelled her tongue forward and her delicate cooter boinked the Second man's hard thumbs. She quivered and tried to come one more time and succeeded before the relentless tension on her mouth penniless her neck when he contorted her face to the side.
Drool flowed from her jaws as he continued to throttle her until she stopped twitching.then they both carried her out a side door to place her in the pink cigar of their van. When the sun goes down they will drive her to a remote wooded field where her juicy honeypot and lush arse will be liked by a pack of coyotes used to consuming human gal flesh.
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