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Shavelle has moved to a seedy part of town and her incessantly protective father has called to check in on her again. She paces through the living room in her sumptuous rosy slip and bare feet as she tries to reassure him that she hasn't been complacent. He needn't worry she insists, she has her taser after all. Satisfied, he lets her go.

She seizes a glass of water and heads to sofa, pulling her sheets up to her chest. The little fawn falls into a tranquil deep sleep completely unaware of the man slipping through her front door. He quietly moves into her room and sets a bag on the floor pulling out a rag doused in chloroform. He coats her face and her eyes shoot open only long enough to question whats happening.

The masked man pulls a set of cuffs from his bag, and he clasps one on each of her sensitive limbs before tying a bit gag around her head. Using some cord, he secures her to the bed frame, opening up her legs wide open, pulling up her slide to expose her black lacy underpants. She gets him so rock-hard as he takes a look at her velvety lips popping from the sides of their lace incasement.

He sits astride her narrow frame and arches into her, taking in her flowery aroma and waking her. She turns her head to watch the man and immediately begins to funk, pulling on her restraints as she fights to escape from underneath him. Reaching over to the bed stand he grips her trusty taser and turns it on her, taking the time to find just the right places to shock. Her figure twists from the volts shooting into her. His man rod throbs with her agony as it fondles against her leg.

Pulling out a knife he runs it under her dress, fear falls upon her face as she struggles to stop this. The rip of her slip is slow and taunting as the Two halves of her nightwear falls to her sides. She tries to wail and it is met with a severe nipple twist. She still isn't getting it. He chokes her to try and paint a clearer pic before submitting her with more torturous nipple twists. Her assets writhes in pain as she fights against the bit. Looking down at him she watches him cut her undies away.

The bit falls from her face as he thrusts his thumbs in her vulva, taking them out to shove them in her quaking jaws. She squeals and groans in an sexually aroused protest as his frigs dart between her beaver and her mouth. He pulls out a boink stick and does the same, making her gag on it, getting it super-cute and raw to get raw her opened up open coochie.

Using a massager wand, he places it on her clit and she begins to jizz nearly instantly against her will. She begs for him to stop as her fuckbox throbs with each gesticulate of delight. Her lips engorge and redden as she finishes off harder. He is so sexually aroused by this dynamic of terrorizing delectation he pulls out his jizz-shotgun, no longer capable of being rammed behind his jeans and compels it down her gullet.

He has to untie her to get her hatch just how he enjoys it. He stands off the verge of the bed using her mouth like his very first masturbate sleeve as drool and huge spit runs from her gullet. His fuckpole tears up her tonsils, pulsing and reaming in her gullet to full strength before thrusting it in the crevice a came for.

He catapults her to her face on the sofa and glides forcefully into her, the violation making her bellow in pain as he holds her palms behind her. He pulls her wrists and her bootie with them into his shoving jizz-shotgun, overcome with an animalistic and primal cruelty. She falls to her side and he contorts her to her back and drives in, hammering her shivering labia as she proceeds to jizz through the agony. He opens up her leg outward and presses against it, as he gets closer to climax, ultimately loading her beaver utter of his stream.

She spins to her side in disbelief, horror, and emptiness as she lay submitted in his cum. Fixing the bit gag back in her hatch and clasping her cuffs together he leaves her to momentarily recoup and reflect upon her ultimate submission. When he comes back, she is hopeless and she prays for mercy, claiming she did everything he wants. But did she? That dt could have been a bit friendlier. He offers his guy boner to her to seek redemption.

She gratefully takes it in her mouth, throating as he takes hold of her hair in a slew of, working her hatch up and down his length. Slobber and spit run out of her throat as she deepthroats on his ballsack of babymakers sliding her facehole and tongue up the underside of his jizz-shotgun. He senses his nut sack swell then spew out fourth in her hatch. Jism pours out of her open gullet as he feels the stress let out. As his jism runs in flows in long cords from her chin he thinks, almost supreme enough.

He captures the cable he previously used to secure her to the sofa and wraps it firmly around her neck, the veins in her neck and his palms bulging with the force of his capture. She struggles underneath him, gasping for air, remembering the last words with her daddy, her feet flailing for some thrust. His primal urge has defeat him as he senses the energy in her fight. He can almost sense her heartbeat reverberating through the wire. He flips onto his back and her opened up vag resumes to drip as her legs flex and sprawl. Her face begins to turn as deep burgundy matching her sheets as the blood vessels in her eyes commence to pop and her toes try to push off the foot rails of the couch. Her movements slow as her eyes flip in the back of her head and she is sent into oblivion.

She lays lifeless on the bed, her arm still wrapped behind her as he steps back to admire his work and pull out his man-meat once again. He's throbbing from the adrenaline rush of taking a life. Her fantastic wasted figure stretched on the sheets just begs for another supreme tearing up. Parting her caboose cheeks he shoves his man sausage back into her savoring in the way her limp bod moves with him, mouth immobile frequently agape, eyes staring into nothing. He arches into her taking final sniffs of her and kisses as he pours out again inside of her. He peels off of her, leaving her sprawled, poon open for any future miscreants that may find her before emergency services do.
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