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We open on the cute Kate chatting on the phone with her acquaintance explaining how she was appalled of a lurking stalker.But to her surprise as she was walking out the door the stalker popped up and chases her down the stairs where he tazed her and rips off her clothes. Then he takes Kate to the bedroom where he tears up her while sheТs bound up to the couch and in other positions.
Kate prays to be let go and for him not to kill her, satisfy Ill do anything, Kate prays. Anything huh? the stalker says if she gives him the finest fellate job of her life he would let her go so Kate gets on her knees and deep-throats his hefty long firm man-meat into her gullet.
After the stalker spunks all over her face he throttles her with his bare arms. Kate tries her greatest to get free but can't and she dies and the stalker walks off leaving her dead body.
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