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Victoria Greene the school gal reporter ultra-cutie thinks shes getting a private interview about Mr. Steeles intimate leisure activities and passions and

Mr. Steele was asked to give an interview to a school dame reporter from the local college and when he eyed her he couldnt keep his eyes off of her. He scheduled the interview with her for a standard hour, but then cut her off after 15 minutes. Mr. Steele told Victoria she could come by his palace with zero electronic implements and to let no one know of her location. Mr. Steele sends his assistant for Victoria and she arrives at his house for the 1 on 1.

Mr. Steele offers Victoria some phenomenal wine but she declines stating shes not of age and doesnТt gulp yetФ. Mr. Steele calls his assistant, Ivan, and they take hold of her by the forearms and is placed over Mr. Steeles lap for a spanking. Victoria advises she has a dinner date and that sheТs punctual and reliable so her pal would question where she was if she couldnТt leave or call out. Mr. Steele frigs her fleshy lil' vagina and gobbles his fingers before they decide to have some more fun.

The men pull out their rock-hard sausages and paw them all over her face. Then they intensity her to gobble her manhood so she doesnt sting them. Ivan and Mr. Steele take turns prodding their boners into her facehole nearly choking her.

Later they take Miss Victoria to the bedroom bind her up on the bed, blindfold her eyes, and put a gag in her facehole. Mr. Steele cuts her little underpants off and begins finger-tickling and eating her youthful vag as she begs for them to stop. Ivan pulls out a vibrator and when her joy button becomes swollen they pull out the massager. When the student reporter begs not to be coerced to ejaculation they put the immense vibrator over her and make her climax anyways.

Then Mr. Steele plays with her taut bum slot and gets her splooge flowing for the ginormous lollipop, but first, he plunges a vibrator in her fuck-hole so sheТs tasty and then he inserts his rock rock rock-hard trunk in it. She says heТs too enormous and begs him not to boink her anymore but Mr. Steele doesnТt listen. The boys pulverize her over and over again until her cunt is cascading with moist jizz.

Mr. Steele and his assistant conclude with her and tell her she will be corded up and in a couple days they will come back to fuck her again and eventually sheТll learn to enjoy it. Victoria tells them theyТre insane and sheТs going to tell the whole world. Mr. Steele realizes there is only one thing left to do, plan B, the bring out the cord and strangle her.

Victoria shrieks and crushes to fight for her life, but she looses the battle and is carried out by Mr. SteeleТs assistant to hide the body!
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