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Alice comes to JohnТs building per his request for an interview to become the new baby sitter. He kindly offers her some water while theyТre conversing but itТs laced and now she falls slave to his fantasies as he takes her to the dungeon space, slowly slicing her clothes away with his thick knife as she looks at him horrified for her life. For the next a few days, he torments her. Hammering her. Using a cattle prod..Molesting her jummy youthfull body.Tazering her.

Putting her on an X-Frame.

Forcing a dildo in her.

Then forcing orgasm after ejaculation with a massager until she is weary.

After a few days, he perceives she is ready. He takes her to the bed, and takes his edible time with the young nannys nubile youthfull body. Then he boinks her every way. Finally, he shoots his fountain all over her pretty face.

Now, he is indeed concluded, and the young chick does not have a chance as he wraps the garrote stiffly around her neck, strangling the life out of her. Once dead, he is really done with this one. Onto the next....
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