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Zoey Is being restrained for ransom by her grab. Trussed to a chair gag in her facehole facialed in sweat and jism as she is being used again and again as a shag toy.

She is Ferociously facehole boned again and again. Forced to gag and choke on her captureТs dick. covering her in spunk one mouthful after another.
She struggles in the stool with no way to free her hands or feet.
She is fully vulnerable not able to shriek for help and even if she could that would surly lead to her getting gagged by a trouser snake again.

The call comes in and it looks like her ransom is not going to be paid. Bad news for Zoey.
Her take hold of splashes the garbage out on the ground and grasps the clear bag from the garbage can. He has something off the hook in mind for her.
He puts the bag over her head and tapes it around her neck.

Zoey fights and struggles as the bag is fellated to her face with her trying to gasp for air. It is no use the air in that bag ran out with her first breath. The stiffer she gasps the swifter she dies.
She slowly suffocates as her take hold of sees.
Her Failing body becomes limp as the last bit of life leaves her assets.
her dead assets lays there in the chair.
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