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THIS IS Aggressive, OVER 1 HOUR Long

A wiseguys girlfriend turns out to be a snitch for the law. So him and his chief team up to instruct her and other would be snitches that you don't dirt with them.

They lure her into the office for a appointment, but things quickly go awry as they beat her down, then humiliate her and intensity her to gargle a gun barrel, then a fuckpole in one turn.

They take her too the back room, normally set asside for receiving shipments and bashing up men who don't pay their debts. But now, it is a torture room, just for this lil' breezy.

They string her up on a lift and beat the crap out of her. Bats, pipes and fists before ripping off her clothes and sexually assaulting her. From time to time she passes out, so they leave, then squirt water on her to wake her.

At one point, they shock her with a tazer and cattle prod--each dude taking turns.

She is forced to fellate off both guys, then afterward, they finger and boink her. Both of them switching off and pummeling away at her youthfull coochie.

Still later, they push a glass faux manhood up her butt, but that is only a hot up. Briefly, they are both taking turns plowing her bootie and pounding her mouth. Later, they double smash her--one boy in her booty and another in her labia.

They even pulverize her when she is up on the hoist and thrust a beer bottle in her vulva.

Eventually, she gives them both oral again, hopping that they sense she has learned her lesson. She was busted for coke a few months back, so she only snitched cause she had to. She is a good woman. She wants to live.

But, life is tragic, and they noose the poor damsel and one of the folks pulls her up so she is up on her peak toes. She slowly throttles to death.

When it is over, they let her down, and leave her laying on the moist concrete as her soon to fade, cool blue eyes stare at nothing.
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