Psycho-Thrillers-The Russian Way

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A doll is handcuffed, corded to the headboard of the sofa and gagged.

A Russian guy with a camera is mo****ng her tits and her cootchie, filming it as he rubs her. He then calls over his fucking partner - another Russian, this one masked. He embarks cho***g the gal, rips her fishnets, then cho**s her with his mitts. Eventually she till passes out.

He whips out her hands, gets a sleepy Oral job, a foot job, and he rapes her in a few positions.

After a while the nymph starts to wake up and try to defend herself. But not for long. One of the men picks her up by her neck and jaw and tucks her head on the bed multiple times. Semi-conscious, she commences to slowly fade out. The Russian continues rap**g her while his tearing up fucking partner films it.

After some hard rape the girl wakes up again. This time the Russian picks her up by her neck, slowly twisting her head until he sn**s her neck.

Then he gets a hand job and nails her dead bod till he ejaculations. He gives himself a finale foot job, cuffs her again, positions her on sofa and leaves.
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