PKF Studios-Fucked and Strangled a Teenage Girl

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porn necro PKF Studios-Fucked and Strangled a Teenage Girl

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Trisha, a youthful and vivacious platinum-blonde, has clad up for an interview for a baby sitter pose. Unluckily, there is no job; the advertisement was just a lure to bring Aspen has decided to take a break from working on her computer to go for a loosening jog. She opens up her mitts and legs, getting all of her muscles lose and free for the workout ahead. She turns on some music on her iPod and heads out the door.

Moments afterwards an intruder casually walks into her room, he's been waiting a long time for this moment. He liquidates his casual dress clothes, surveying the apartment. He jams his belongings into a shoulder bag and dons a ski mask in anticipation of the events to go after. He hides in the corner behind a tall plant, waiting for his gimp.

As Aspen comes in the intruder is upon her in a showcase, capturing her and punching her. He throws her on the sofa where more kicks land. Pulling her to her feet he knees her in the stomach and fucks her face one more. Aspen struggles and tries to crawl away, but the intruder is no match for her. He jumps on top of her and wraps his heavy arms around her neck. Aspen gurgles and struggles as he chokes her with his right forearm, using his left to squash her puffies. Aspen squeals and he smacks her for failing to obey.

His forearms make their way down to her gym shorts and inside of her panties as he fumbles her delectation button. He shoves his frigs into her throat to get them lovely and humid and slams them back over her poon, finger-tickling her and getting her super-cute and raw.

Spinning her on her knees, he proceeds to finger her. The sound of her wet slit is only matched by her cries for mercy.

He takes off the rest of her clothes off and makes her gag on his throbbing man sausage. Prodding it deeper and deeper his spit-covered man sausage makes her choke.

Bringing her to the bed he gets on his knees and absorbs her twat, deep throating and licking her, forcing her legs down with his forearms. In an instantaneous he his salami is back in her mouth as he porks it deep. A rapid fingerblasting is briefly followed by his ginormous fuck-stick entering her tight slit from behind. He ravages her hard and hasty, ignoring her pleas.

She shrieks in fear and sheer pleasure as he pokes her in a multiplicity of positions, displaying no signs of ever stopping. He reaches his breaking point and pours out deep in her muff as she cries. He tells her what a fine job she's doing, but the night isn't over yet.

Capturing some duct tape, he trusses her feet and mitts and wraps one last chunk around her facehole.

Back at his hideout he takes a swig of beer to quiet himself. He has large plans for Aspen and he starts by kneading her puss. He thumbs her rigid while gagging her mildly, grabbing her bosoms and twisting her nipples in succession.

His pecker finds her facehole once again and Aspen goes as far as she can. He makes sure she gets his sack too. Ready to cum he commences to jack off, forcing her to pray for his super-steamy white man milk. Nearing the end he grips her head and busts a enormous load down her facehole. She gags and spits it out over her face and his schlong, licking his bone tidy.

He commends her for her fellatio skills, but realizes that he cannot let her go because she has seen his face, out comes his pal, the rope! He pulls her to her feet with his strength the string digging into her neck. She coughs and sputters as he arches back onto the bed.

Her pretty feet kick out of the duct tape and she tries to find a good footing, but his power is too much. Unable to fight back she gives way to him and she dies. He leaves the room satisfied with his evening.

After getting a fresh beer he comes back to the room, dragging her away to dispose of the body properly.
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