PKF Studios-Nanny Interview part 3

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snuff videos PKF Studios-Nanny Interview part 3
porn necro PKF Studios-Nanny Interview part 3

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Trisha, a young and vivacious blonde, has dressed up for an interview for a baby baby sitter position. Unfortunately, there is no job; the ad was just a lure to bring beautiful, unsuspecting dolls into the home of a bad, bad stud. The interview starts normal enough, but something just doesn't seem right and she gets up to leave. The fellow stands in front of her, his hefty figure barring her way. He pushes her down and starts to choke her. Kneeing, slapping and shocking her with a taser, he corrals her into his bedroom to continue massaging her helpless bod and disrobing her bare.

He cuffs her hands behind her back and wraps a belt around her neck, gasping her to near unconsciousness when she tries to stand against. He slams his large fingers into her young coochie, making her wail, and then pushes those frigs down her throat until she gags. Her tender nipples are bitten and contorted, creating a symphony of screams. Pulling on her "leash", the man forces her to crawl like a dog, then, with her on her knees, tucks his engorged member into her facehole. It's so fat and he's so rough that she gags, sounding like she's underwater, gasping for air. Trading her hatch for her labia, he aggressively muscles his pecker into her tight, young beaver, the force of his thrusts punching her under his weight and causing her to moan in horror and despair. Finding sheer elation in her anguish, the guy grunts and packs her full of his spunk. He leaves and she curls up in the fetal posture, ginormous goo leaking from her abused vagina.

Next, we see the woman in distress chained in a dungeon space, her palms painfully tied over her head. The man whips her for a while, reveling her wails, but it is just the warm-up. Brandishing a long, electric prod, he touches it to her figure, again and again, delivering torturous shocks to her most tender areas. Grueling of this game, the guy decides to tie her, opened up eagle, to the bed. Using a multiplicity of intercourse toys, he resumes his lewd torture of the poor gal, who still begs and prays with her captor. He does untie her, but has no intention of letting her go. Flipping her over, to access her virgin dark-skinned bunghole, he commences to thrust a variety of things into her taut sphincter, kneeing off with his tongue and thumbs, leading up to his firm penis. Her moans continue, as he painfully nails her pinkish bung. The savage treatment lasts for what must have seemed like eternity for the traumatized gal, but ends with the animal turning her face up, to shove his immense pole down her throat, forcing her to taste her own arse. To add to the foul flavor, he begins to cum, cramming her throat with his bitter enjoy tuck, some of it to spill out her facehole and run down her face.

His use for her at an end, he uses a length of string to smother her. It pulls cock-squeezing around her neck, the course fibers biting into sensitive skin. She gasps and struggles, but she is too feeble to have any hope of escape. Slowly, her efforts commence to ebb, squirming turning into convulsions, eyes rolling into her head, until she is will-less and still. The action of murder thrills the dude and he promptly becomes rock-hard again, ravaging the girl's violated corpse, and spraying yet another ball fountain of juice onto her battered body. Spinning her up in a sofa sheet, he drags the cadaver away, destined for a shallow grave in a lonely open up of woods.
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