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Nora is about to head home from work, finishing up a phone call with a coworker. She just got her new job, an HR Manager, and at only 20 years old! The Two assistants who had worked in her office had been recently fired, one going to jail, and the other was highly likely halfway to Mexico by now! She hangs up, she's got to strike the traffic home.

As she arrives home she finds her worst nightmare: the recently fired assistant, Miles, is in her home and he's brought a friend, Javier. The pair take hold of Nora and embark beating and crushing her without mercy. They let out the info they need out of her: the old HR Boss is in Los Angeles. She's the real target, but now that they have the information they need, they're going to have little fun with her.

They spread her legs and embark rubbing her vulva as she yells for them to stop. They mock her and hold her down as they caress her bud. Javier slowly wedges his thumbs into her cock-squeezing cunny. They bring her to her knees and take turns shoving their boners down her mouth. They unwrap her dress to expose her black lingerie, shoving her to her couch. They finger her twat again and use one of her faux peckers to rip up her to ejaculation, her assets facialed in sweat. They trade the fake penis for a ample wand and slap it on her pussy, the radiating sways of elation overtaking her. Javier chokes her while Miles presses the wand deeper.

The fun has only just begun as Javier thrusts a glass faux knob right into Nora's tight pinkish ass hole and Miles shoves his trouser snake down her mouth. Miles positions himself behind Nora and embarks pulverizing her bootie, she nicer be grateful they opened up it out first!

She gags on Javier's boy hard-on as her donk is packed and romped and the pair soon trade positions. They lay her on top of Miles who nails her coochie and Javier penetrates her butt from behind at the same time. Tears stream down Nora's face as Miles is left alone to pound her. Javier comes back with a pair of handcuffs and she is bound and taken away from the comfort of her home.

In their secret dungeon space space Nora's head is dunked in a bucket of water over and over as they limit access to the succulent taste of oxygen. They tie her to an X-frame and hit her and slap her, twisting her nips and bruising her assets. Javier uses a metal pole to bash her skin. A cattle prod is used to tease her, getting closer and closer to her delicate skin and then ZAP! Miles ups the ante and uses a taser to shock her tummy and her forearms.

Javier fetches a beer bottle and slowly wedges it into her honeypot, gently tearing up her with it as her legs wiggle in fear and ecstasy. They take her off the frame and bring her to her knees where she takes turns deep throating their boners. They take turns penetrating her, including an strong gig where Miles is relentless.

Miles proposes that if she gives them the best oral jobs they've ever had, they might let her go. She inhales both of their spunk-pumps with elation until Miles jizzes on her face while Javier empties a explosion right into her facehole.

Miles doesn't think that deep mouth was indeed worth it and exposes a cable in his palm that is instantaneously around her neck, gasping her. Her eyes full salute and she coughs as his capture tightens. Her hands twist and she tries to breathe one last time but she falls will-less, a dead tiny whore.
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