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When Mr camera guy hears no one knows when Alisha is. It's on like Donkey Kong. Fierce Culo RAPE, Graphic cruel Backdoor RAPE. But before the Donk RAPE. Alisha is drugged finger-tickled, roped AOH, Tazered, whipped bloodstained, smacked & kicked tell her guts are raw. Then he coerces his trunk down her gullet, tazers, rapes & crushes her while smacking her in the face some more. All of this goes on & on & on & on & some more stuff......... Then he tricks her into a one last trouser snake deepthroat, blows boy goo on face & procedes to put a SLIPNOT around her long butt neck & makes it longer. she treys to stand but the floor is truly slippery She dies. Then he sticks his rod in her jaws. That was excellent enough to decide to pick her up & take her to a chair to fuck the hell outa her dead assets
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