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A youthful employee brings her manager, Aria, a cup of coffee and asks to leave early for a meeting. She happily obliges and gets back to work. Within seconds a robber unloads into her office with a revolver and shoves her up against the wall demanding money. She works at a school though, they don't have money! She captures her purse and takes out a few dollars to his dismay.

He wants something more. He compels her to take off her shirt and mini-skirt as he fondles her backside. He trusses her palms behind her back and brandishes a knife, threatening to stab her cute and slow. He thinks maybe he should take off one of her nipples instead. He cuts her boulder-holder open and plays with her mammories.

He slices through her underpants, forcefully kneading her slit. She'll do anything to live so he decides to untie her and makes her blow his fellow pink cigar. She eats him up and down, pushing it deeper into her hatch. He shoves her ripped panties into her hatch and trusses it with the cable. He puts her on her desk and ravages her with the tip of his revolver, wiping her testicle tonic on her body. He pulls her forward and sucks on her gusto button as she squeals in despotism and delight.

She tries to stand against but he pushes his boy beef whistle deep inside her wagging his gun and threatening to shoot her gash if she doesn't serve. He bends her over and pushes his revolver into her cock-squeezing donk slot as she yells. Now it's time for the real thing! She yells as he tears up her arse stiff.

He then puts her in a chair and restrains her hands to the back. They're going to have joy a friendly game of Russian Roulette, but this version involves her puss. The robber geysers a single bullet into his revolver and puts it up against her snatch. She groans as the trigger clicks. EMPTY. Lush Two concludes the same way, but she is so panicked she pisses herself.

She is spared each time the gun revolver's chamber is empty until her luck runs out and the bullet pierces her genitals. The robber is ecstatic, but the game is far from over. Maybe she's suffered enough, maybe he should just leave her alone. But his knife is upon her nipple before she can react, slicing it off and spanking it against the wall.

He eliminates the wire and she drops to the floor, trying to crawl away. He reloads the revolver and he puts another slug into Aria, right up her bootie. Her coworker unexpectedly comes in, having left behind her purse. He puts a bullet in her head and she falls into a chair, dead.

The robber hopes they both get home safe as he leaves Aria their to bleed out.
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