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Dr. Whitlock has come to room 1204 of the Porpoise Hotel to study the report of strange occurrences that have plagued the establishment for decades. HeТs immensely engaged, but luckily, he had his trusty, and stunning, TA, Lily. Lily leaves him to his work, telling him sheТll come back and check on him later. Alone in the cursed room, odd things embark to happen. All of a unexpected a dark and evil presence manifests within the seemingly standard chamber, and, before the doctor has a chance to escape, violates in and owns the guy of science.

Hours afterwards, Lily returns, looking for her distinguished teacher. His bod now the host to a malevolent entity, he easily sneaks up behind the puny blonde, knocking her out with a vicious blow to the back of her head. She falls, unconscious, to the floor. The being now in control of the teacher elevates her will-less assets, places it on the couch and unwraps her nude. She begins to awaken as her former mentor is trying to shove his jizz-shotgun down her hatch. Praying and Praying, confused as to why this trusted academic is trying to rape her, she tries to fend off his advances, but she is easily overpowered. He skull tears up the youthful school lady, taking hold of her platinum-blonde hair, cramming himself down her virginal facehole, causing her to choke and gag, gigantic ropes of drool running down her chin.

Throwing her on her back, he opens up her smooth legs and comes in her roughly. Whinging for him to satisfy, satiate just stop, her distress only excites the thing further and it sets up a violent pace, the professorТs giant man-meat stretching out her once precious labia. Flipping her over, he hammers her ill-used vagina violently, until her cock-squeezing, puckered backside fuck hole takes hold of his attention. Aiming his bone, he thrusts the head of it against her virgin chocolate-colored a-hole. This new violation causes her to renew her pleas, but she is left speechless as her butt-hole opens up impossible, as a penis nails her arse for the highly very first time. An expression of pure anguish on her face, she struggles to cope with the barbaric plundering of her rosy fuck hole. Taking joy in degrading and dominating this poor, defenseless gal, the thing removes the guy stiffy from her caboose, only to push into her throat again, savoring her gags on his foul smelly phallus. She is broken, nearly frozen in fear, as he orgasms, glazing her pretty face in a generous layer of goo.

As the finale to the entityТs carnal rampage, it uses one of LilyТs stocking to warp around her slender neck and smother her to death. Her survival instinct forces her to fight, but just like the callous attack on her ruined cunt and widely opened butthole, her struggles are useless. After a few minutes of kneeing legs and thrashing limbs, her movement slow and then stop altogether, a slack mask of death washing over her face. The evil presence leaves the professorТs assets, forcing him to confront the consequences of the actions that he had no control over. Even so, as he stares at the bare and abused bod of the cherished student who was always at his side, madness begins to creep into his shattered psyche.
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