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snuff videos PKF Studios-The Applicant part 2
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Jenny is right out of high school and is applying for her very highly very first job. Rock, her possible her employer, is interviewing her. She lives alone and was an exceptional school nymph. He thinks that her new life should commence off in a positive direction and decides that she is the perfect candidate.

He brings her to the УsetФ where he swiftly wraps her mouth in a chloroform soaked rag, knocking her out. He lays her on the ground and runs his palms along her body, knowing what will happen in the hours ahead. He raw his fingers and begins groping her cooter, lil' screams escaping her mouth. She all of a unexpected wakes up in a panic trying to get away. She shrieks and Rock strikes her, eventually shackling her and wrapping a ball gag around her gullet. He continues to beat her without mercy as she waves under the instruction of her shackles.

Rock produces a baseball bat and whacks her throughout the pecs a few times as she screams. He knocks her in the head, even choking her with the wood pressed up against her neck.

A taser shocks her into convulsions of oppressive dominance as she is zapped over and over again, including right up her culo. He strips her and restrings her, gripping her nips firm and striking and chocking her with a flog. He lands a ample kick and knocks her out, for now.

She awakens with a jolt of ice cold water as she stands, affixed to an X-Frame. She rapidly shakes under the sting of RockТs taser. He fingers Jenny stiff at highly very first, switching to a purple dildo and ramming it deep into her twat and jaws. A Massager vibrator rattles her nerves as he will not relent, sways of delectation taking over her panicked body and mind.

Out of her shackles, he positions her on a mattress and fucks her facehole as she pleads for him to stop. She gurgles and chokes on his hard trunk. Laying her on her back, he pounds her rock-hard, switching into a few positions as he controls every activity with intensity.

Afterwards, after some time alone, Rock comes back to the shackled, startled Jenny. He resumes to beat her more, unwilling to even explain his torture. Her puts her on the ground and thrusts his stud boner back down her gullet. She knows what to do know, she had learned how to sate her sir. She deepthroats his man rod and absorbs his ballsack until he blows a thick stream all over her face.

She begs to be let go and he grants her a final wish. He retrieves a string and wraps it around her little neck, pulling her to her death. She struggles, as any would, but his strength it no match for her and she is eventually let go.

Rock plows her fresh corpse as her dead eyes gawp into the distance. He ejaculates, finishing another successful applicant interview.
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