PKF Studios-Skipping School part 2

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snuff videos PKF Studios-Skipping School part 2
porn necro PKF Studios-Skipping School part 2

Odette is looking for her friend, Telulla. Her high school BFF went missing a few weeks earlier. She had been skipping school and getting risque' images taken by local sphere photographers. She is worried that she found the "wrong sorta dude" and something happened to her.
There seems to be a high concentration of rural photographers in her town an she was on a quest to visit them all until she found out what happened--even if it meant skipping school to do it.
Today, she stumbled via the place where Telulla last visited. She spoke to the cameraman, but he played dumb and she, a naive lil' teen, believed him. That was unfortunate for her, because he briefly had her water drugged and she was unconscious on the floor. Now it was playtime. He slowly checked out her youthful, luscious bod, then took her to the couch. He gagged and blindfolded her to add to her torment. She woke panicked.
He played and tortured the skimpy female, before cutting off her garment, then eating and gobbling her out. Her little assets squirmed like naughty as he munched up the mayo from her little honeypot. Soon, he was poking a faux trunk into her right slit, making her shriek in agony and forced delight. Then, he used the magic wand on her, bringing her to multiple, tiresome ejaculations. He coerced her to put her little gullet around his enormous manstick and gargle him until he was pulsing rock-hard. Then he took her on the sofa, boning her little body--burying his manhood deep inside as she cried at the agony.
Once he was done, he tormented her a some more before coaxing her to give him a lovely deep throat for her release. She obliged, doing a good job and taking a load of his jism in her face.
But, once that was over, there was nothing left for him to do but kill her. He could not have sees, plus, he just enjoyed to kill schoolgirls.
He wrapped the garrote around her neck tight, then hoisted her tiny 5ft, 89lbs figure off the ground. After a moment, he fell down to the couch with her, and with his knee dig into her back for leverage, strangled the poor, young teen to death.
He rolled her dead body over and observed her form for a bit before dragging her away to later be put in a shallow grave.

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