PKF Studios-The Casting Couch

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forced sex PKF Studios-The Casting Couch
porn necro PKF Studios-The Casting Couch

A pretty, youthfull starlet naively accompanies a high energy film producer to his home to read the storyline for a potential role in an upcoming movie. Lil' does she know that the depraved film-maker has his own movie in mind, one that will never be seen in theaters. Drugging her drink, he waits until she is incapacitated and then starts to touch her handsome body. When she tries to fight back, he holds a chloroform sopping cloth over her face until she is unconscious. She awakens trussed and gagged, a spreader bar forcing her legs wide open. The stud slices her clothes off her with a pair of scissors, assaulting her revealed poon with both vibrator and faux knob, unwanted orgasms causing her body to shake.

Dragging her to the bedroom, he shoves his fellow man sausage down her hatch and smashes her taut labia in a fierce, sexual assault. Finally he pops, his pulsing man sausage emptying copious amounts of gonad sperm into her fertile womb. She curls up into a ball, blubbering, as her attacker's jizm oozes from her broken slit. Initially telling her that he would let her go, the fellow admits that he was lying and pulls out a length of cord. Using it as a garrote, he strangles the poor female, as she twists and squirms, struggling to breathe. After an painful death, her corpse lies limply across the couch, the producer running off to his computer to edit the film he took, immortalizing her final helluva hours

Runtime : 55min 58s
File Size : 2.59 GB
Resolution : 854x480

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