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A mob chief and his guard showcase up in one of the pimp's houses to collect money. He has skipped a few payments so the chief wants to take care of it personally. The guard dumps open the door and holds the pimp at gun point when he displays a knife. The chief, Tommy, comes in to the building. "Jack Wank Wank what are you doing skipping on payments? So where is my money?"
"Fuck you!" Wank answers. "I'm not paying you no more!! You're successful your Chihuahua has a gun. I would cut your goes off and urinate in your necks."
Tommy tells Jon, the guard, to put his gun away. Wank bashes at him with the knife, but Jon blocks it, twist Jack's forearm and his other palm end up under Jack's chin. Jon looks at his manager who just gives him the gladiator signal - thumb down - and Jon snaps Jack's neck. Jon droplets Jack's dead figure to the floor and both dudes search the place for money. When Jon opens a closet door he finds a escort stashing there. Jon grasps her, she begins praying to be let go. She promises to tell no one.
" I know you will not tell no one," Tommy says. "Jon you can have some joy with her."
Jon rips a slot in her tights and rapes her humid. Then he gasps her with his mitts while he is plumbing her till she is dead.
When she is dead Tommy tells him to get the back of SUV prepared. When he leaves, Tommy commences molesting her bod and screws her till he jizzes on her tights. Then he leaves both bods there so it will view like they killed each other

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