Psycho-Thrillers-She Knows Too Much part 2

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snuff videos Psycho-Thrillers-She Knows Too Much part 2
porn necro Psycho-Thrillers-She Knows Too Much part 2

Guys argue outside in a parking lot. A lady is on the phone and hears the sound of the discussion. She looks outside and sees one fellow pull out a gun and shoot the other fellow.
"OMG!" she says into the phone, "I just spotted someone get killed!"
The shooter looks around and sees her in the window. She suspends up the phone and runs upstairs but the shooter violates in, takes hold of her by her foot and drags her down the stairs. She is terrified. He takes hold of her by her jaw and pins her to the wall. She tries to say she didn't witness anything and she will not tell satisfy let her go. But the luxurious has a different idea.
He orders her get on her knees and blow his penis. She refuses so he puts the gun in her hatch and repeats the order. After Blowjob he roughly tosses her on a couch and begins raping her. He comes in her donk with his trouser snake from behind lovely and hard. She shrieks, he turns her to missionary stance so he can place his palms over her nose and facehole.
"I said shut up bitch!" He continues romping her and suffocating her at the same time. When she is dead he finishes and ejaculations on her dead assets.
He leaves her dead bod opened up on the couch.

Runtime : 19min 20s
File Size : 1.20 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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