PKF Studios-Fatal Knowledge part 2

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PKF Studios-Fatal Knowledge part 2

Ever the cause of trouble, Melissa's boyfriend is still a problem for Emma since her greatest acquaintance Melissa has gone missing in relation to the police manhunt for him. While she is on the phone trying to get information about her friend, a fellow leaps from the shadows and hastily takes her down with a choke hold.

Waking, Emma finds herself in what only can be described as a kill room with her hands strung up above her head, her slinky black dress pulled up exposing her lacy underpants and knee high hosiery. The boy who attacked her is requiring information. Emma pleads that she knows nothing but it is not enough to stave of the mans kicks, baseball bat, electrical fellow pink cigar, jumper cables or his strolling thumbs sinking deep into her puss. Her moans and howling will never be heard down here. The electrified jolts knock her out. When she comes to again the boy persuade now she doesn't know anything assaults her cunny with his now empty beer bottle, and a black faux shaft her unwilling juices running in flows from her labia after excruciating delectation from the man's electro-hitachi.

Pulling out his salami from his pants he makes her gag and blow on his boy fuckpole, drool and precum pooring out of her hatch, before he arches her over and expands her rock rock-hard. He ends her off and cuffs her ankles to her wrists ensuring easy access when he concludes off back.

She proceeds to beg for her life and the man promises to let her go if she displays him how much she truly cares. on his schlong. She takes his beef whistle and his humungous geyser flips out of her jaws like a great little mega-slut. Too bad she's a dead tramp. He uses a piece of strap and strangles her until her soul evacuates her biotch body, a peaceful victim is always a finer plumb anyways.

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