PKF Studios-Batgirl Beatdown

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PKF Studios-Batgirl Beatdown

Batgirl smells trouble.or maybe it's just this bandit's feet. He's snuck into a top secret organization to try and steal some files. But Batgirl has followed him. Just as he gets on the computer and embarks rooting around looking for digital gold, she attacks him! She knows he's looking for the files!
They both put up a pretty supreme fight, throwing crushes, taking hold of each other, the bandit even goes for an older fashioned fake-out! She takes hold of his head and he elbows her in the beaver. But she recovers swiftly enough to punch him in the face. The bandit nails Batgirl with a tabouret, and then she grasps a keyboard and chokes him with it. He commences to smother her with the rope but she crushes him and smashes him down with her boot, then punches him while he's down.
Ultimately he hammers her into subjugation and lays her out on the desk. She looks like she could be a lot of fun. He whips out his salami and shoves it in her hatch. Taking hold of her head, he drills Batgirl's face as she lays on the desk. Then he unclothes off her magnificent Bat Undies and screws her. She tries to be defiant and punch him but she's under his control. He concludes off on her perfect ass.
She gets up, weak from being beaten down so stiff and nailed. He kicks her a few more times. But he's had enough of her. He shoves her up against the wall with a hand around her throat, then Two palms. She slides down the wall as she chokes and gasps for breath. He wrings her neck until she dies. Eventually, now he can steal his files in peace.

Runtime : 13min 48s
File Size : 333 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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