PKF Studios-Bring A Virgin

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PKF Studios-Bring A Virgin

Aaron has a little trouble with the lady's. They are all such ripping up sluts he cannot seem to find one superb enough to still need a deflowering. A bit of a deviant, he knows just where to find one. He got the number for a morally shaky service off the deep web and gives them a call to request exactly what he needs. Being the sort of business they are his inclination is to be wary, but surely as he calls, they are already prepping the perfect girl.

In his bedroom, the product lays on the sofa, strapped by a slave's ankle and wrist cuffs, a ball gag in her mouth and in pretty pink undergarments. The product has been packaged perfectly, just for him.And the splendid agent they sent with her isn't bad either. But she is a virgin so she has to be taught.

Aaron tells the agent to display her how to give a proper deep gullet and directs her ideal tiny face to his spear. She thrusts saliva out from between her lips to get his manhood moist and embarks to give him a excellent deep throating. Once the virgin gimp seems to have a superb take hold of of things, he observes her skills on the agent's strap on before putting her on his own hard-on.

She takes him in his gullet in total length, deep throating him so perfectly, her trampy jaws slips along his boy manmeat as she slurps him like a porn star. His dick throbs in her gullet as his super-hot sausage parts her lips. Bending her over he decides its time for her deflowering. But as he shoves into her, the pained glance in her eyes, the push back of an intact hymen, the tears that comes with the tearing of and over opened up slit, the reaction he cravings from an authentic virgin.are missing.

Pulling a gun, he knows he's been had. he demands to know if she is a true virgin pointing the gun at the unsurprised looking agent. When she admits the truth and promises anything to save their lives, he forces the pair together. He makes the "virgin" opened up her legs for the agent. The agent bends down and eats her honeypot per the customers demands. She fingers her, thrusting her thumbs into her moist bi-atch beaver as he slurps the agents labia from behind. The pair are then compelled to scissor, pressing their muffs together as he watches.

When the Two, denigrated by this compelled deed orgasm, he leaves them on the bed to stew. When he comes back tho', he has a new plan. He wraps a nylon off her own leg around the deceptive agents neck. The virgin witnesses on in horror, ball gagged and unable to shriek as the lying agent's life is taken before her. Her legs flail as she meets her end, her figure finally slumping in her killers lap, legs spread, he plow fuck hole unsheathed.

In a dark dungeon space space, a noose suspends from the ceiling, the "virgin" on the end of it. The angered customer demands the little biotch gusto herself one last time before she dies. This makes him sense nicer about his awful deed. When she is near cumming, he crushes the chair out from under her and she strings up before him, her feet flicking like the tails of towing flags behind the truck he will use to unload the bodies.. but very first he has one more use for these used up tramps.

The dead girl on the wire drapes brilliantly so his man sausage meets her pussy. He uses her as a pendulum to wipe his pecker with her muff, the sword struggling getting him hard. She is still raw from her near orgasm. Her coochie glides over his rosy cigar, but the his trophy dangled from the rafters won't do for a proper screw fuck hole. He takes her down and brings her back to the bedroom, laying the Two nymphs out, ying and yang on the couch and pushes his guy manhood deep into his purchased mega-bitch. He tears up her motionless body as her globes roll like sways on her torso, like the swings of the ocean where he will dump her. His nads tighten as his flow bursts from his fuck-stick and he collapses on top of her to share a final silent moment.

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Resolution : 854x480

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