PKF Studios-Exterminating Lara Croft

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PKF Studios-Exterminating Lara Croft

Lara Croft has been in some tough situations before, but this may be the worst. Tied to a chair, a brutal boy slaps her around, requiring that she tell him the location of a sacred artifact. Each time she turns down, he hammers her again, the strength of the fellate snapping her head around and causing her ginormous titties to wiggle. Flapping his gun in her face, he resumes to threaten and intimidate, leering obscenely at her impressive cleavage and long, smooth legs. Pulling out his rock firm boner, he tells her that the only way she will get thru is if she bj's his beef whistle. At highly very first, she is dazed by his obscene demand, but before she knows it, he has seized a fistful of her hair and thrusts his pulsating pole down her jaws. Fearful that he will make excellent on his threat, she attempts to suck and gobble at the huge slab of meat, but he proceeds to skull plow her. The head of his beef whistle repeatedly punches the back of her facehole, causing her to gag and choke, gagging for air and drool spilling out of her throat, making her chin and torso slick with slobber. Suddenly, she perceives his bone get taller even tighter and then pulse as it pumps blast after fountain of salty, slimy spunk into her gullet. Her face bangs up in revulsion, but, even as she sputters and spits, the man punches her unconscious.

When she wakes, she is still tied, but now lies on a messy mattress, her shorts gone, her pussy exposed and defenseless. Looking around, desperate to escape, the boy returns before she can even stand. He gloats, displaying her the artifact he has managed to obtain, even without her help. Once more pulling his big trunk out, he leaps upon her, prying her legs apart and forcing himself inside of her cock-squeezing fuckbox. He drills her cruelly, throwing her this way and that, plunging deep inside her, while she is vulnerable to do tiny more than cry out and whimper at her tough treatment. Picking her up off the mattress, he bends her over, on top of a nearby table and, digging his fingers into the tender, round swell of her hips, romps into her cruelly, while she begs incoherently, shocked by her painful violation. At last, he tires of her pitiful cries and, placing his gun to her head, blows her brains out. Silence follows the echo of gunfire, and the man continues to pummel into her snug pussy. He spins her over, gutless legs flopping to either side of his body as he sinks himself deeper inside her, a pool of blood leaking from her head wound, matting her hair with viscous ooze. He pulls out at the moment of his cane out, adorning her flat belly with a adorning of slime. Walking away with his precious artifact, he leaves Miss CroftТs banged corpse in the squalid chamber, uncovered and hammered, never to be found.

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Resolution : 768x432

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