PKF Studios-The Hogtie Killer X-The Final Chapter Part 2

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PKF Studios-The Hogtie Killer X-The Final Chapter Part 2

Part Two opens in the now deceased Frog-tie Killers secret apartment where he used to bring and torment some of his subs. They work over Crowley first-ever, then the new-comer. They kill the newbie in front of Crowley, then after more coerced oral, they both throttle her to death.

If you have been following this series, Hog-tie X is the ultimate conclusion. Mixed with part 1, this is over 1 hour 40 minutes of rape, torment and death.


Witness description in part 1 for the total story and summary of the finish series.

In thier dead brothers torment apartment, they wire Crowley up. Now it is time to hammer her senseless for all they put her thru. They start working her over. It last for hours.

Hammering with a bat, kicking and hammering to begin off. Then, they get out the cattle prod. At total voltage, it's a doozy of a shock. Not lethal of course, but painful none the less. And, they don't let up...making it a game inbetween them they mix up outrageous her with beating her and striking her with the bat. If she heads out--and she does Two or Four times, they drench her with water and begin again. Over and over until she is a blithering dummy.

Ultimately, the let her down and cattle prod her to the other side of the apartment where they re-secure her then knock her out.

They brim in the novice. A adorable youthful girl--the police commissioners daughter-in-law in fact. Today, she was on a ride-a-long with Crowley. Wrong place, wrong time and now she would pay. Very first with her cooch and hatch, then with her life.

They lifted her up, perceiving her youthful shape and savouring in her protests. They got her top opened and boulder-holder up. Trousers pulled down. The brutha badly contorted her puffies while the parent fingerblasted her cock-squeezing cherry twat.

After a while, they desired more. They dropped her down and coerced her to deep-throat them--back and forward. Then on the mattress they romped her every way, and combined in oral as well. In the end, a tiny rectal too. By the time they were done assaulting her, she was curled up in a ball--crying.

They moved her in front of Crowley. Both were awake. Crowley protested as they compelled the youthfull novice to deepthroat their fuck-sticks until both came in her gullet.

Now they had her tied like a hog. This was the end. The began throttling her in front of Crowley and she went insatiable witnessing. The newbie fought, her face crimson, veins popping out. She squirmed and stressfull but after a while she slowed and eventually was still. Dead.

They hiked her up and took her away--later positioning her back out in the office field (observe part 1).

Now, it was Crowley's time to sparkle.

They packaged a cable around her neck. Both me limited it and used it to guide her to their peckers. Back and forward she deep-throated them off until they loaded her hatch with jizm.

Then--the string tightened and she knew this trip was at an end.

She fought and struggled as greatest she could. She eyed the face of her sister--her partner--all the others the Magnificent murdered and sensed fulfillment, if only for a moment, that she killed him. But, now the 2 people she worked so stiff to put away, the highly people that the Luxurious began his rampage for, were out (on a humping technicality attractiveness) and killing her now. It was all for nothing. All for nothing.

And, those were her last thoughts as she drifted away.

All for nothing....

The End

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