PKF Studios-The Rage of Roid Man

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PKF Studios-The Rage of Roid Man

Alexandria, office employee by day, superheroine by night, is alone in her office late one evening, when her supah hearing picks up the sounds of an intruder.

She hastily speeds into her costume and preps herself for the villain, once he is within her take hold of, she attacks, disarming him and knocking him down fastly, but he has a secret.

He pulls a injection needle from his pocket and injects it into his neck: Skorpion Venom. The fresh roid that gives any common thug the energy to take down the superest of supah heroes.

Alexandria knows what she is up against, and struggles back carefully, losing the battle to his domineering energy.

He takes her to a apartment, where he trusses her wrists together and embarks kittling her, on her pecs, then on her soles. He then pulls her top down and embarks pummeling her face, the heroine resists, but he tosses her on the sofa and glides his evil man rod into her cooter and tears up her until he ejaculates.

With no more use of the heroine, he pulls out a cable and wraps it around her neck and smothers her until dead.

Runtime : 30min 35s
File Size : 1.28 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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