PKF Studios-Extinguished Cheerleaders part 2

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Extinguished Cheerleaders part 2

Continued from Part 1...

Allie has been dragged out of the apartment. Alisha is on the floor and they wake her, pulling her up, the get the rest of her clothes off then the sexual attack commences. They thrust thier jizz-shotguns in her face and she is coerces to inhale them off until they are prepped to poke her.

They take turns, plowing her and packing her throat with fuckpole. Finally, they energy her to gargle them off some more, with both of them jizzing all over her face and in her hatch. They get her on the hoist and leave her dangling---passed out.

In the other apartment, Allie is secured to the X-Frame. They hit her some more, then ferociously lash her. Eventually, the use the tazer on her until she heads out.

Back in the other apartment, they wake Alisha up. It is time her her final spectacle. While she is dangled on the hoist by her wrists, they wrap a strap around her neck and begin to throttle her. She wags and wanks, her gams punching out beneath her as she partially hangs--the cable digging into her neck. After a lengthy fight, she is gone. They lower her down face very first, spin her and flop the dead cheerleader onto the mattress and leave her posed gams opened up.

Back to Allie. They have her wired up to a high capacity battery with the violet wand set to run thru her puffies.

They give her some shorter examples of the voltage, letting it flex thru her and seeing her jiggle, respond and pray for her life before ultimately letting her have it total energy.

She shacks and buzzes as the voltage course thru her youthful teen assets. When it is ultimately over, her head slides, her bod still has a few convulses, and foam trickles from her agape facehole, down her humid funbags, drenching unto her labia mound, before cascading to the floor.

With the charges set to demolish all evidence, they leave--task finished, but still a few more cheerleader to go, including their cockslut of a coach, Rilynn.

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