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PKF Studios-Fireside Chat

The boy has gripped trio sisters outside there home. He leads them into there living apartment, coerces them to stand against the wall with their forearms in the air.

He spends time torturing them and taking pictures of them to sent to their dad as vengeance. He makes them unclothe, and compels them to stand front and back, continuing to take pics and keeping them in general peril. The nymphs are whinging and weeping.

Afterward, he brings them to an deprived warehouse where he proceeds the process of tantalizing them. He makes them have fun a game---the one with the most spit gets to die swift and painless. Grace wins.

The other gals are led throughout the apartment where they are drenched with gasoline and manacled back to back on a stake. They say their goodbyes and the fire is began as the other sis observes in ache.

As they begin to burn, the final step-sister is executed with a bullet to the brain.

But, it was just in his head. He is still standing there, getting prepared to light the fire. But when he does, the doll blows out the match. Now he is out and frustrated, is coerced to take the ladies back down.

Plan B.

A lil' more torture, some more photos for the dad, then he executes one by one in the head.

It is so tranquil now. He lays out plastic and moves each female onto it. He looks them over, then coats them up.

There soles stick out as he ambles off.

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