PKF Studios-Fatal Obsession

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PKF Studios-Fatal Obsession

A school schoolgirl sits in front of her computer, obsessively combing thru sites about serial killers. She has been researching them for month---both in books and computers. It is not a project for school--just for her.

Today, she is thrilled because her internet just got repaired. The fellow just left and she was back, surfing. She finally finds some images and vid of murder marionettes. She is utterly revved on by this and embarks to wank.

The internet fellow was sneaking back into the apartment behind her and at the right moment, attacks, grimacing her out of the tabouret. There is a fight, but ultimately she is out.

He takes her into her bedroom. She is hog-tied and unconscious When she wakes up, he is circling her menacingly with a wooden bat.

She prays for her freedom, but he is peaceful and concentrated. She determined to attractiveness to him the only way she knew how--sexually. She could tell he was interested in her. And, so, he took the bait and investigated her bod as she was roped on the floor.

He takes her to her couch, and lets her blow his spunk-pump for a while. Finally, she is frustrated because she cannot get him off.

He is frustrated as well and ambles off and commences digging thru his bag. Eventually, he tells her the truth. He is one of the killers she has been researching on. He was also in her building earlier fixing her internet. And now, the only way he can be with a nymph, is if she is dead.

She begins to fright at the realization that this just isn't some rape-fantasy, but he means to end her life and pulverize her dead figure. No matter how many times she herself daydreamed about the during her research, she could not even fathom it happening in reality.

He was on her swiftly and as she struggled, he ball-gagged and adorned her eyes.

Now he was well-prepped. She had no idea what was about to happen. Then, it hammer her--literally. Ache, super-fucking-hot burning ache shot thru her as he smashed her with the bat. And just when she tho he would stop, he would embark again.

All over her youthfull, puny figure, he hammered her with the wooden bat. Again and again---legs, tummy, head, nothing was spared.

She was going to die....she could not do a thing. She kept letting out noises--anything to prove she was alive, but that just made him strike her more. Briefly, he whacked her a few times in the back of the head and she was delirious Eventually, he flipped her over and lined up the bat for the last time. Her face.

He let her have it with all his might---crushing every salami in her face until she was a bleeding pulp.

Now she was dead and he was prepped for her.

He opened up her gams and finger-tickled her a bit, noticing she was a bit moist. He spinned her over, hiked her arse in the air and poked her rear end fashion for a while.

Then, he rolled her back on her back, and nailed her missionary. Ultimately he screwed her milk cans, then splashed his fountain all over her face.

Now, he was completed. He laid a single rose on her as was his signature. Then, he wrecked her totally by shooting her in the head, spilling blood and pink cigar everywhere.

Then, he left to find his next victim.

Runtime : 35min 42s
File Size : 1.20 GB
Resolution : 854x480

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