PKF Studios-Just a Prank

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Just a Prank

Olive is trussed and ball-gagged bound from the ceiling in dark-hued leather forearm handcuffs jumpy and quivering in her olive green swimsuit, low and behold her captor is dude sorority step-sister Aspen who thinks this is nothing more than a practical joke.

УPlease let me go,Ф Olive prays, УIТll do anything you want!Ф

УPerfect!ФAspen grins as she runs her arms up and down Olives assets now coated in goosebumps as she reaches for her leather bullwhip. УNoooo,Ф yells Olive anticipating the raunchy leather breaking over her delicate white flesh leaving crimson imprints and a heavy stinging/burning from the influence.

But out of nowhere their fraternity step-brother displays up and knocks out Aspen putting her in a sleeping posture and discarding her will-less assets on the floor before he can come back and bind her up too! Now Aspen is the one clumsy stringing up from the ceiling asking to be let go as her anxiety takes over.

This СbrotherТ perpetrating fright tactics on the women is in it for the gore, to bring them to their height of dread. These petrified sorority sisters who were toying nothing more than an initiation prank became the hunted and were brought to their destiny of the Уrack attackФ ball-gagged as all 4 limbs are roped up only getting stiffer each time they jiggle.

Both Aspen and Olive have a glance of sheer despotism you can spot a mile away even thru their ball-gagged jaws. Scare sets in as the sorority sisters shake their soles and mitts attempting to relieve the restrain bondage, but this only makes the ebony leather cords stiffer and to make matter worse the flapping pendulum is lowering closer and closer to their figure.

Their eyes are broad in dread kicking off to dilate untilЧTHUD!! The meaty pendulum spurts and you can hear their bones violate and their prostate squelch while the running in rivulets blood lets you know theyТre dead.

Runtime : 27min 38s
File Size : 583 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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