PKF Studios-The Last Showing

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PKF Studios-The Last Showing

We open on the marvelous Anna getting well-prepped for her last real estate displaying delicately fondling up her makeup and applying some bright crimson lip liner making her lips pop along with her bright crimson mini mini-skirt. Anna cautiously puts on some stocking and goes out to meet her last customer. Anna is pacing as she waits and impatiently welcomes John, her last displaying, as he approaches her.

But, John didnТt come to watch the mansion, he gags her with some chloroform and she passes out then John carries her into the bedroom.

Once John has Anna in the bedroom, he takes he clothes off and pulls out his hard-on and begins jacking it and groping it along her face and assets. When Anna comes to John pulls her to the ground and thrusts his spunk-pump in her facehole, Уnooo,Ф Anna begs but John pushes his weenie farther down her facehole as she gasps.

John has his penis in her gullet for so lengthy she passes out and falls rearwards.

Then he carries her light figure onto the couch where they plow in numerous [positions after John has smothered Anna to death with her own nylons. Anna punches and fights for her life but alas is no match for his force and dies.

John eliminates all the running make up from Annas face and applies new lip liner then romps her dead bod. He jizzes all over her face and leaves her dead bod in mansion and exits before anyone can find him.

Runtime : 59min 57s
File Size : 349 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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