PKF Studios-Tough Times

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PKF Studios-Tough Times

Tessa needed money. It was harsh times now-a-days and she was desperate. She answered an advertisement for photography and now she sat nervously at the interview.

The interview was going good until he told her it would be naked modeling. She did not want to do that. So, she got up to leave, but he blocked her way.

When she attempted to thrust thru, he grasped her in a hold. She handed out.

He dragged her off.

Now, she was someplace else, buttressed by her wrist, against a post. He came in and began to work on her.

First-ever, he perceived her up, then he torn her half-top in 2. He contorted her puffies until she bellowed in agony.

He strike her.

Afterward, he found her taser she was carrying in her purse. He used it on her, running it up and down her body--watching her jiggle.

He pulled her down, forcing her to gargle his spunk-pump until she ball-gagged. Then he thru her down on a mattress and nailed her for a while until he came inwards her. He left her curled in a ball, howling.

He had her strapped back on the post and ****** her to ejaculation....she unloading liquid and wailed the whole time.

Then, he had her mitts overhead in the middle of the apartment, and tasered her some more. Then he flagellated her rock hard until crimson scars emerged and she was howling.

By now, he could tell she had enough. He knocked her out and she dangled--just by her wrists.

He had her back on the post. He promised to let her go--she just had to get him off. So she did--anything to live. She inhaled his boner until he crammed her throat total of his jism. As she was drooling it out, he got behind her and packaged a cable around her neck.

She fought valiantly, but was held by the post going up her back, and her mitt handcuffed behind.

Finally, she died. He let her website slumped against the post and left.

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