Peachy Keen Films-Terrorist Takedown

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Peachy Keen Films-Terrorist Takedown

Starring Jazzy Jamison. A young female terrorist carefully pours over her vast armory of weapons, admiring her collection of knives, pistols and assault weapons. But she makes the fatal mistake of taking a break to admire herself in the mirror. Without warning a special agent bursts into the room brandishing a pistol. She tries to run but he grabs her, throwing her to the bed and beating her into submission. He wraps her hands behind her back and places a zippy around her wrists.
He lays behind her and fondles her, his gun pressed against her. He puts her on her knees on the ground and proceeds to shove his cock down her throat, gagging her. She spits on his throbbing member as he forces her to choke on it over and over again as it finds the back of her terrorist throat. He uppercuts her back onto the bed, ready for the next phase of his plan. He sets his gun down and begins stripping her of her leather boots, her leggings, and her panties. He slowly rubs her pussy, fingering her.
He throws her stash of weapons on the floor and puts her on the table they once occupied. He positions her on her knees and fucks her pussy from behind. He brings her back to the bed where he continues to fuck her, her cries of, "No!" filling the room. He fucks her in several positions including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before taking a length of rope and strangling her. The terrorist kicks and gurgles as he pulls tighter, her feet slapping the floor in agony. She coughs and her body slows as she finally dies. He brings her back to the bed where he fucks her freshly deceased pussy, her legs in the air for leverage. He pulls out and blasts a satisfyingly monstrous load of cum all over her face and chest.
A quick phone call to his superiors confirms that he is done and cleanup crew should come in to clean up the mess. He adds a single bullet to her forehead as a calling card, his work finished.
Peachy Keen Films-Terrorist Takedown
Peachy Keen Films-Terrorist Takedown
Peachy Keen Films-Terrorist Takedown

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