Peachy Keen Films-Suffocated And Fucked

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Peachy Keen Films-Suffocated And Fucked

Suffocated And Fucked Willow is a young teen, walking home from school with her backpack on. She goes in through the backdoor of her building, and is startled to see Miles right behind her shutting the door. Willow quickly thinks to herself, it's just a neighbor, and keeps walking.
Miles grabs her from behind and throws her against the wall. He brings her to the ground and knocks her out. Willow is passed out in her little t shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. Miles takes the opportunity to feel her small tits, and remove her flip-flops. He touches her curvy and clean feet, running his fingers from the tops of her black toe nail polish, to the bottom of her heels. Miles is too excited and takes her limp body away to somewhere more private.

He takes her into her apartment and ties Willow up on a bed. Miles is sitting, watching, waiting for Willow to wake up.

As Willow regains consciousness, Miles is filled with maniacal laughter. Willow begs to be let go, squirming on the bed with her little feet and hands bound by rope.

He gives her feet more of a fondle. Willow continues to struggle, crying to stop. Miles tapes her mouth shut before giving her whole body a rub. But even her taped up mouth doesn't stifle the sound of her panicked breathing. Miles puts more tape on her nose, making Willow even quieter as her breathing is further blocked.

Miles gives Willow's feet a full licking, sucking on her toes and getting his mouth in every crevice. Willow's eyes are becoming dimmer as she makes stifled whimpers and her struggles become weaker and weaker.

Willow gets closer and closer to death as the tape blocks her breathing until she finally suffocates. Miles decides its time to untie the body, cutting off the hand and foot binds, and un-tape her face. He pulls off her small jeans, pink panties, shirt, and bra. Miles licks the nipples, and feels the still warm body up, before putting it on its back to get fucked. He has the bodies feet in the air near his face, and keeps fucked until he's finished.

Peachy Keen Films-Suffocated And Fucked
Peachy Keen Films-Suffocated And Fucked
Peachy Keen Films-Suffocated And Fucked

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