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After Dakota's mummy died, her daddy embarked to treat her very poorly, forcing her to work and lashing and striking her. Dakota is working very rock hard, pulling a huge cell behind her on her palms and knees with her father standing above her, crop and mitt, ordering her to work faster. He begins to hit her, crushing her in the face and joy bags, she tries to get away, but he pursues her with a baseball bat and knocks her unconscious.
He perceives her body, and pulls out his manstick and commences to nail his daughter until he blows a flow deep inside of her tight honeypot. He would also use her to make money, forcing her to dance in front of the neighbors and plead them to cane and punish her. Her dads best acquaintance, Brock, would regularly help in her torture, flagellating and bashing her until she was bloody and bruised, then her father and Brock would make her blow their pricks until they came all over her.
Dakota's parent enjoyed to use the cattle prod on her, making her work harder, or shocking her when she didn't dance marvelous enough for the neighbors, making her beg for punishment and whipping her over and over. The neighbors were able to fumble her body and perceive her tight pliable flesh.
Fortunately, there is always a light at the end of the ass-pipe, for Dakota, her light came on a day when Brock and her daddy were overseeing her, making her carry intense buckets of water from her forearms and knees. they decide to whip and strike her, then intensity her onto a couch and pound her poon and mouth until they jism. They bind her to a post and flog her more till she can't take it anymore. They decide that her usefulness has run out. She begs her parent not to kill her, but he takes hold of a baseball bat and hits her 2 times on the head, killing her.
PKF Studios-Evil Father rape videosPKF Studios-Evil Father rape videos

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