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Pepper has desired of raping an teenager chick and today her desire becomes reality when one knocks on her back door. Ivy has run away from home, but gets Second thoughts and wants to make a phone call. Peppers remote house in the woods seemed like her greatest option.
As the teenage waits, Pepper excitedly prepares the bedroom under the guise of finding a phone. Returning, she stars trying to kiss the virginal teenage, but Ivy pulls away. Pepper waists no time and overpowers her, then forces her into the bedroom. She toughly takes off of the nymphs clothes.
She binds the struggling gal up and coerces herself on her. She rubs, gropes and munches her. Finally, she sits on her face, forcing the female to lick her twat.
Afterwards, Pepper comes back, and this time, she 69’s the poor femmes. But, soon she decides it is time for this moaning teenage to die. She sits up, causing the ladies nose to be clipped between her booty cheeks. The ladies struggles intensely as she slowly suffocates. Pepper is so, so turned on by this, she orgasms powerfully into the girls broad open gullet, filling it up. The damsels bj's and sinks and suffocates, her body yanking, then still. Pepper climbs off the dead woman to go get cleaned up.
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