Psycho-Thrillers-Undercover Viper Agent

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A red-hot damsel spy has been teamed up with a fresh masculine recruit. She looks him over and says that he’s got the muscle, but wonders if he’s got the luxurious instinct. They’re going to be going encountering VIPER agents, the finest of the finest. She asks what he’d do if he had to struggle a VIPER sans his weapon.
“I’d smother the life out of her,” he says confidently.
“Oh yeah?” she says with a sneer. “Show me.” She raises her chin, tempting him to smother her. He lunges forth and grasps her neck, but it only takes a moment for her to knee him in the goods. He grunts and lets go. “You see?” she says. “You don’t know the very first thing about how to throttle a lady. Reminisce to protect yourself at all times. Attempt it again.”

A tiny ego-bruised, he lunges again. He’s thinking about protecting himself, and his capture isn’t taut. She uses his distraction to tear his mitts away, escaping again. She wiggles her head. “Keep a cock-squeezing capture. Don’t let her sigh for a moment. Come on, experience your take hold of. Wring my neck like you’re going to kill me.” She invites him over and lets him cautiously wrap his arms around her soft mouth. He wrings, and she perceives it. She tugs at his mitts, wheezing, but she can’t pull them away. After a few moments, she taps out, and he lets go. She chokes for a few moments, catching her breath. “Damn, you’re a powerful boy! Good!”

But he’s not fairly sated. “Once more! I think I got you this time,” he says coyly. She sneers at his confidence, a lil' revved on by all this raunchy and tumble. “Confident, aren’t we? Okay, then. I’m a VIPER agent. Attempt to kill me!” He lunges, but abruptly his face is all biz. He grips onto her neck, grinning. “No, I’M the VIPER agent!”

This experience session just got real. The lady is dazed, but she’s a professional, and instantaneously commences struggling with all her intensity. She thrashes and screws the stud, but he’s learned well. He resists her attacks and keeps his seize, kicking her sensitive neck with his metal arms. She’s raunchy, but it’s only a matter of time before she begins to fade. Her face is a mask of hopeless determination. She doesn’t want to die, but her assets simply cannot escape. He shoves her backward and wedges her against a wall as her eyes commence to lose concentrate and her tongue embarks to erect. Her gams give out, and he leisurely lowers her to a sitting stance against the wall.

When all traces of life are gone from her eyes, he frees her. She keels forth and flops onto the ground. He looks down and pats her cheek. “You’ve trained me well, but I don’t need any lessons on this next part.” He rips at her luxurious spy clothes, punches her lengthy gams apart, and pulverizes his preceding partner’s corpse. When he’s eventually done, he sits beside her sprawled assets and idly caresses her as he phones into HQ. “Control?! Someone killed Agent Thorne! Throttled and banged by force her! It must have been VIPER, those bastards! I’ll take care of it.” He picks up her battered assets and carries her away.
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