Darks Rooms-Hitchhikers

доп поле скриншотов
snuff videos Darks Rooms-Hitchhikers
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Pola and Nancy are hitch-hitchers. They are walking by the country road searching for a car to travel to the town. They saw an ad where the robber was wanted. Regard was 50 000$.

Once, a car is moving. They are blessed. A guy agrees to hitch up them to the town. When they are inside the car, the driver suggests them orgy for money. They see his face – he is the robber from the ad! They blackmail him and asks for money or they call cops.

He stops the car and commences to throttle Pola. Nancy escapes from the car and runs to the area and then to the forest. The robber slowly throttles Pola to her death and runs for another female.

He seeks her in the forest. She realizes she is in the deadly trap and begins to unclothe for utter nude to make the boy kind to her. She suggests him to rip up but it’s too late. He strings up her in the tree.

He carries dead nude figures to the car trunk…
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