Grey Panther Films-Roadkill Studio-Id Love To Kill You

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Starring RyAnne Redd and Hannah Perez A Grey Panthers re-release in case you missed it.

Hannah and RyAnne are contesting hitwomen. RyAnne’s just come back from a job, but the chief doesn’t trust her any more. He sends Hannah out to penalize RyAnne in a permanent manner. The result is a fast-paced shootout inbetween 2 huge-chested and ultra-cute damsels, with both of them dead on the kitchen floor. Fine reactions and acting as they go down.

Then 2 detectives are called to the sequence and check out the figures with a few boob touches. “Yup, they’re dead!” Off to the morgue, where the nude figures are explored, giving more cute views…
Category: Snuff Fantasy
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