Darks Rooms-Haunted Hotel

доп поле скриншотов
snuff video Darks Rooms-Haunted Hotel

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A maid is walking in the hotel. She's going to clean the room. She hears strange horror noises. All of a unexpected ghosts appears and smother her to the death.

1915. This hotel was the residence of noblemen. The mother with her daughters lived there with their maid. Poor worker came to their place to ask bonus to save his tiny son. His baby was all and dying. Rih dolls were very ride with him. One of daughters regretted him and gave the key from the residence. She advised him to come in them at night and steal some money and pay for the medic.

But next night his sonny died. He lost control. Many years he was very poor and didn't have his bank check. He entered and smothered them all and bankrupt the neck to the maid. They became ghosts who started kill people in modern times.
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