Psycho-Thrillers-Nosy Roommate Strangled And Fucked

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snuff videos Psycho-Thrillers-Nosy Roommate Strangled And Fucked
porn necro Psycho-Thrillers-Nosy Roommate Strangled And Fucked

Runtime : 14min 54s
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For those who like to observe a great upright strangle done by a youthfull doll with full necrophilia fuck-a-thon and urination at the end, then you'll love this one.

Description: Yuki plays the roommate of Johnny and finds a tape that he made showing the posing of some of his slaves. She doesn't know if it's real or not but claims the pics and videos look real enough. She is instructed by her girlfriend to take hold of the movie and go to the police with the evidence. She drapes up and searches Johnny's office room for the tape but cannot find it. She looks behind his computer then double checks the room again. When she backs out of the room, she bumps into Johnny, who was eyeing her every budge.

Yuki apologies and tries to back away but Johnny knows the truth. He captures her by the throat and tells her he's going to send her to a better life as he catapults her back against the wall. The strain around her throat mounts as she tries to energy him away but her resistance encourages Johnny to dig a little deeper and briefly his power empowers him to life her high overhead, forcing Yuki to leave her feet. Hanging shuts down most of Yuki's breathing and her gigantic intense legs commence to thrash and crash against the wall in a desperate attempt to free herself. Her eyes widen in horror as she stares down at him, hoping for some form of mercy but she finds Nine within his eyes.

Yuki decides to go for it and thrashes as firm as she can but her struggling weakens her faster and she still cannot free her jaws from his grab. Her phat legs become heavier and Johnny becomes more determined to take Yuki down. The room crams with silence with the exception of the occasional gurgle or foot hammering the wall. After making sure Yuki is gone, Johnny lets her figure drop. Yuki bashes her knees then falls flat on her face. She is gone.

Johnny grabs her lifeless assets and raises her to the desk. He massages and worships her obese mild rump then withdraws her white panties. He pipe is firm from killing Yuki so he rams it deep inside her and smashes her like he did his other victims, boinking deeper and deeper into her youthfull, raw vag until he finally explodes and showers her cool chocolate-colored ass. Johnny pulls up his pants and walks away, hearing Yuki's long, intense load of urine splash the carpet below.
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