Chris Corner-Double Agent Drama

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Chris Corner-Double Agent Drama
porn necro Chris Corner-Double Agent Drama

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A nice spy comes to her hotel room after doing a job for her agency, she comes in, lays down to rest, taking her footwear off, rubbin' her tired feet and falling asleep. She is scared when she hears a noise but figures it's in the next room. Another spy from her agency is sneaking up to her while she sleeps, trying to take her out the easy way, but the Spy wakes up. She realizes it is her poking playmate, and acquaintance so she eases and they lay together in the sofa, Alisha paws on Nikko's knockers and caboose whilst they relax, and converse about agent Rex and his issues. Nikko has no idea that Alisha is there to take her out so she can be with Double Agent Rex. After some slick words and a few smirks Alisha is caressing Nikko's shoulders to relief off but she reaches into her pocket and brings a tights that she wraps rapidly around Nikko's neck. She throttles her rock firm and Nikko fights back even firmer, trying to escape the clutches of a better spy. She smothers her(long rock rock hard strangle) to death on the couch, not knowing that Agent Rex is watching from the same place she was watching Nikko. She concludes the throttle and starts to paw Nikko's wondrous bod, exposing her flawless mounds, and sumptuous soles. As Alisha begins to unclothe Rex surprises her. "Look what I did for us", she exclaims and Rex looks like he appreciates what she has done, which was part of his plan and it is going even better because now he has someone to take the fall, Rogue agent goes bad. He comes behind her thanking her as he paws her neck, she really senses his trust, and has no idea he grabbed the stocking when they were chatting and kissing. He wraps it around her neck fast, she is on her knees upright and he pulls firm. She fights hard and her long, sumptuous bod moves all over the place, swinging, tugging, and taking hold of at the stocking which digs into her neck. After a long bout she is getting closer to death, yanking and waving, not able to reach up to the garrote. As she passes and goes limp, he lets her go face highly very first into the bed. He instantaneously gets the idea to ravage them both while they are still super-steamy. The cold ass bi-atch agent Nikko he will save for last, since she would never give up the snatch because she wanted to be professional. Alisha and Rex had plumbed a few times on certain stakeouts but he loves her feet, long legs, and wondrous face. He plumbs them both fine, hard, and quick until he completes. He positions them both on the sofa, arms limited together and feet exposed so they know who has done this deed for the Agency. He phones in the job is done and heads for a beverage. The Two molten agents are viewed and panned in their cute death stares.
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