Chris Corner-Trailer Trash

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Chris Corner-Trailer Trash
porn necro Chris Corner-Trailer Trash

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A youthfull gal gets all made up for her hairdressing job at the mall. She don't have much but she has her trailer, and her elderly beat up car to her name, but she still goes to work every day to find her piece of the American desire. She grasps her purse, and phone in forearm she walks to the car. As she is digging for the keys she hears footsteps in the gravel, it is a strange man with a nasty look in his eye walking briskly in the direction of her. She tries to hurry into the car but he catches her, rolls her and grasps her from behind by the throat, and mitt around her chest shoving up her globes. She crushes her legs in her rams, and her cock-squeezing jeggings flex as she tries to fight, elbow, and claw away from the kinky stud. As she fights he gets her up off the ground. He continues to choke her and finally she gets too out of hand. He gets her in a choke hold and hoists her up in the air, but holds extra stiff and her neck violates as her figure comes down. She goes from fighting to limp and dead, eyes wide open in less than a Second. He picks her up and cradle carries her back to her trailer. He takes her inside, sets her on the floor, then drags her under her mitts to the bed. He drags her up on the sofa and begins to check her out. He plays with her and plays with her assets a bit rubbing and caressing her. He goes for the footwear to unveil her feet, he rolls her over to feel her butt in the jeggings for a while, loving her perfect culo, and later unsnaps her bra. He rolls her over and concludes eliminating her tee-shirt and brassiere. He handles her melons, wringing them a bit harshly. He takes his time but then moves to flip her over again to remove the jeggings. As he slowly peels them off, he observes her stellar pinkish underpants and wants to dig in. Her soles are a bit dirty, but still cool. He goes back to her ass, rubbing and massaging it like bread. He is ready to get deeper into it so he liquidates her panties after flipping her over again so he can see her poon. It looks so enticing he opens up her out, legs wide and begins to want to pummel her corpse. He gets even more private with her milk cans, nibbling, deep-throating and eating them as he proceeds to get hard. After his own foreplay fun he tears up her. Starting slow and sultry, but getting swifter and tighter, to where he is wiggling the trailer. He goes for a bit but all the awakening was too much to handle and he rockets inside, grunting and sweating as he completes his pumps. After he is done he is exhausted, gets off of her and gets her posed in a lovely stance, moving the hair from her eyes. He leaves and steals everything in her car and purse, driving the hit up car away from the gig. She is viewed and panned from different angles to appreciate the perfection of this trailer trash babe
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